Introduction To Voice Over With David Babich

 Weds 7/19, 7pm


In this class, David peels back the curtain on voice over and teaches you exactly what it's all about:   What are the Genres in voice over?  How do I become a voice actor?  Do I have to have an interesting voice?  Do I have to be able to act?  ...and much more.    More than anything you will have clarity on what it takes to move forward, and how.

Class Format:  


Overview of the Genres

Sample Script analysis

Teaching of V.O. basics

Perform 1 short piece of copy twice, with short direction in between.

Wrap up with with talking about the main ways of obtaining work in the industry, while also explaining the importance of solid training in voice over, even if you already have acting training. 

David Babich is one of LA's top VO coaches. He started his career in voice over in 1997 after signing with Look Talent agency in San Francisco and shortly after, working on several of the late 90's Sony Playstation games for which he is most known as Ashton Anchors in "Star Ocean".   In 1999 after continuing to work on commercial, video game and industrial voice over projects (and switching representation to Stars, The Agency), David co-founded Mouthnoise Media with sound and media artist Dorsey Dunn.   Mouthnoise was a voice over consulting and demo production company and also David's first experience with taking the lead on voice over direction,  combining his talents as a singing coach, musical director and actor.   The demos (STILL ON CASSETTE AT THAT TIME!! : )  that David and Dorsey produced landed many clients into top voice over agencies and David realized that he had something unique and insightful to offer his voice over clients:  He was able to make actors 100% comfortable in the booth with exploring, playing and going as deep as necessary into the copy and themselves.  David is represented as voice actor by Stars the Agency in San Francisco and TGMD in Los Angeles and works in Commercial, Narration, Video Game and Animation Voice Over as an actor and director.   In 2013 David opened his own broadcast quality project studio in Burbank. 

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